Lucie & Jaguarwoman's "Satin Bow Tutorial"

Once upon a time there were 2 little girls who loved shiny, shimmery, soft surfaces. When they grew up, they tried as hard as they could to learn how to reproduce the look of the sensuous and seductive things they loved. They practiced and practiced and spent a lot of time in their intimate cyber teaparties gaily sharing ideas and methods with one another. One day it crossed their minds that they could and indeed should tell other people how to do what they loved to do. So . . .in this tutorial, Dana and Lucie provide 2 tutorials in one: There are 2 sets of instructions which represent slightly different but overlapping approaches to digitally painting satin bows.

This is a detailed, step-by-step tutorial in how to digitally paint lush satin bows using simple default Photoshop airbrushes and tools. You can see examples of the satin bows we have painted using these techniques in Jaguarwoman's store: Satin Bows I, Satin Bows II, and Satin Bows III. And you can see examples of my bows here: Painted Christmas Bows and Painted Goth Bows.

In this tutorial you will learn: (1) how to create your basic bow shapes in PhotoShop using clip art references or photographs, with freehand drawing and vector shapes, (2) how to rough in basic color values with an airbrush, (3) how to smudge and smoosh the colors into soft and realistic fabric folds, (4) how to add highlights that make eyecatching, shimmering silky effects, (5) how to add color and texture effects using a variety of different Photoshop tools and methods, (6) how to add attractive edge embellishments, (7) and how to add effective drop shadows.

This 40-page tutorial is in convenient pdf file format and provides dozens of visual references to specific Photoshop tools and techniques we use to achieve our digital painting outcomes. The skills you gain from the tutorial will generalize nicely to other digital painting projects as well. It is highly recommended that you have a Wacom Graphire Digital Pen to do the tutorial because otherwise you may find yourself tearing our your hair. It could be done with a mouse but that would be very very frustrating. But if Dana and Lucie can do this, with practice . . .YOU CAN DO IT TOO. We are completely self taught (and mutually taught) in these methods and are directly sharing the knowledge we have gained through lots and lots of practice. Moreover, the techniques and methods you learn from this tutorial will generalize to other digital painting projects, especially if you want to paint clothing and hair. Whatever skills you learn or improve with this tutorial will transfer to other digital painting projects.

System Requirements: PC or MAC plus Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, PaintShopPro or any graphics program that can open psd file format. Wacom Graphire digital pen and tablet are highly recommended.

NOTE IMPORTANTE: At the moment, this tutorial is only available in english/Présentement ce tutoriel n'est disponible qu'en anglais.
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