Steamed Eggs

After a little bit of Steamy Love for Valentine's day, here comes something just as unique and original for Easter with Steamed Eggs. This ingenious set includes 4 eggs à la steampunk and of course we need a basket to put the eggs in. The basket comes empty and filled with our precious eggs.I've also included 5 plain metallic eggs that you can either decorate to your liking or use as is in your creations. And then we have 5 backgrounds to accompany those unusual Easter treats.

All the images were created at 300 ppi for better quality print and no drop shadows are applied on the actual images.

Content of the zip:

lucie_steamedbasket.png (2250x1736)
lucie_steamedbasketandeggs.png (2250x1736)
lucie_steamedegg1.png (1642x2250)
lucie_steamedegg2.png (2290x2250)
lucie_steamedegg3.png (1647x2250)
lucie_steamedegg4.png (1627x2319)
lucie_steamedegg5.png (1625x2250)
lucie_steamedegg6.png (1625x2250)
lucie_steamedegg7.png (1625x2250)
lucie_steamedegg8.png (1625x2250)
lucie_steamedegg9.png (1625x2250)
lucie_steamedeggs-bg1.jpg (2400x2400)
lucie_steamedeggs-bg2.jpg (2400x2400)
lucie_steamedeggs-bg3.jpg (2400x2400)
lucie_steamedeggs-bg4.jpg (2400x2400)
lucie_steamedeggs-bg5.jpg (2400x2400)
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