I am…

1. I am a woman.
2. I have 3 children.
3. I am married.
4. My husband is the ideal man! For me anyway…
5. My husband is my best friend.
6. Married since 1991, but with my man since 1983.
7. I am very VERY nervous.
8. I like to read.
9. I like to take photos, mostly of nature.
10. I grew up in Laval, Quebec.
11. I lived in Newfondland for 20 years.
12. I now live in New-Brunswick.
13. I love flowers.
14. I love gardening.
15. I love kayaking as long as there aren’t too many waves.
16. I’m afraid of heights.
17. I’m also afraid of spiders.
18. There’s nothing like a walk in the woods!
19. I don’t like the city very much.
20. I enjoy being by the ocean.
21. I am bilingual.
22. I am a graphic designer.
23. I’m a poor housekeeper.
24. I tend to worry too much.
25. I have 7 brothers and sisters.
26. I wnt to Vaillancourt school, Poly-Jeunesse, Curé-Antoine-Labelle, CÉGEP de St-Jérôme, CÉGEP Mont-Morency et CÉGEP Ahuntsic.
27. I love photoshop.
28. I like sci-fi and fantasy bokks and movies.
29. I am currently employed by Techno-Inexia.
30. I like a good coffee… or two or three…
31. I am very patient, too much sometimes.
32. I persevere.
33. I like to learn.
34. I can’t stand it when people aren’t on time!!!
35. I have a white dog named Loki.
36. I’ve had a website since 1996.
37. I have three excellent friends online who I’d have a hard time living without.
38. I do not like winter.
39. I get cold easily.
40. I can’t fall asleep unless I read a few pages.
41. I don’t like shopping.
42. I like surprises, only the good ones…
43. I like to travel, even if it’s just in the neighbouring town.
44. I like to discover new things
45. I’d like to visit Europe.
46. I want to see the Rockies.
47. My favorite desert is apple pie! Yum!
48. I like simplicity and honesty, nothing complicated for me.
49. Mon zodiac: cancer
50. Chinese Zodiac: Horse of fire

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