Wedding – Marriage

September 27th, 2013 by Lucie

Et bien ça y est!! Kim et Derek se sont marriés le 15 septembre 2013 à McDonough en Georgie! Ce ne fut pas une grosse cérémonie, on n’était pas plus d’une trentaine, mais c’était intime, tellement beau et tellement touchant! Kim est allée le chercher loin son homme, ça n’a pas été facile de les réunir étant donné la distance et surtout la frontière, mais je crois sincèrement qu’ils sont fait l’un pour l’autre et auntant j’avais des inquiétudes au départ, je n’en ai plus vraiment maintenant. Nous avons bien sûr eu le plaisir de rencontrer la famille de Derek et Kim n’aurait pas su trouver une meilleure belle-famille si elle avait essayé. Super sympathiques et chaleureux! J’espère pouvoir les accueillir ici bientôt, leur rendre la pareille et leur faire découvrir un p’tit coin de notre pays.

wedding47sm  wedding29sm

Well that’s it, Kim and Derek finally got married on september 15th, 2013 in McDonough, Georgia!  It wasn’t a big ceremony, we weren’t more then about 30 in all, but it was very intimate, very beautiful and so touching!   Kim went and got her man away from home, it hasn’t been easy to reunite them considering the distance, but especially the frontier but I trully believe now that they are made for one another and as much as I worried at first, I’m confident now that they will make it work.    We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Derek’s family and Kim couldn’t have asked for better in-laws if she had tried.  Super warm and sympathetic!  I hope to be able to welcome them here soon to return their fantastic hospitality and to make them discover a small part of our beautiful country.

georgia-19 georgia-17


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Still around – Toujours présente

August 24th, 2013 by Lucie

I know… I haven’t been posting here in ages, real life has been getting in the way of my online life a bit for the past couple of years. Here a brief look at what’s been going on (the most important stuff):

  • Vincent finished college with success, he now works and lives in Halifax, moving in with his girlfriend in september.
  • Kim has been visiting her boyfriend in Georgia for an extended period of time in 2011 when she finished high school. In march of last year she had to come back here because her visa was expired. They got engages in the spring of 2012 and she finally received her visa to go and get married in june of this year. She’s back in Georgia with her man now and we are getting ready to go to their wedding in the middle of september.
  • Alain, thank goodness, still has a few years to go before he leaves the nest and I’m secretely praying he’ll decide to stay close when he moves out! lol
  • Marc has been promoted corporal which is great but he works a little over one hour from here and has to stay there when he’s scheduled to work because he’s on call, It’s temporary though and the road to get there isn’t to bad so that’s all right.
  • Both Marc and I have quit smoking for 17 months now. Marc suffered from a mild heart attack back in march of 2012 so the motivation to give it up was definitely there! My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.
  • I almost forgot! We got Loki a little sister! When Marc had to move to McAdam I thought he’d need some company so I got him Abby, sweetest little black lab on earth!
  • Abby 240612-01


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    Happy St-Paddy’s day! Joyeuse St-Patrick!

    March 7th, 2012 by Lucie

    Un petit message un peu rapide pour vous laisser savoir qu’il y a un nouveau cadeau pour vous dans le magasin tout spécialement pour la St-Patrick:

    A quick post to let you know there’s a new gift for you in the store especially for St-Patrick’s day:

    Tout nouveau dans le magasin également pour Pâques cette fois-ci:

    Also new in the store for Easter this time:

    Otherwise, I hope you are all doing well and I apologize for not giving news more often, bit busy…

    Autrement, j’espère que vous vous portez bien et je m’excuse de ne pas donner de nouvelles un peu plus souvent, occupée un brin…

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    En vitesse… Quickly…

    December 17th, 2011 by Lucie

    On a deux nouveaux membres dans la famille, Derby:


    Et la jolie Aby:


    Va vraiment falloir qu’on apprenne à résister…  🙂



    Two new additions to the family, meet Derby:

    And the pretty Aby:

    Now we really have to learn to resist…  🙂

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    Bubble Gum Alley

    July 13th, 2011 by Lucie

    There’s this big debate on DeviantArt about whether Bubble Gum Alley is a work of art of not…  Hummmm…  I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Bubble Gum Alley, briefly it’s the wall of a building in Seattle that is covered by chewed gum that people have stuck on the wall over many many years, a little bit like some people would leave a small grafitti on a washroom door that says:  “Joe Schmuck was here in 1993” and then others would start leaving their mark on that door the same way just for the kick of it and that door would end up covered with those little marks and despite the establishment owner’s best efforts to clean that mess, people would just keep adding their signature on it.  On this wall though it’s not a little note people leave, they leave a piece of chewed bubble gum filled with their germs and the wall is covered with different colors/flavors of those spit filled little treasures.

    People have often called me an artist and even though I’ve never really believed I was one, I used to think it was flattering.  In my mind, it meant something for some reason…  When I see something like this being called a piece of art, I can’t help but feel like art is being ridiculed, I almost find it sad and when someone calls me an artist now I got to wonder if they’re poking fun at me or what?  lol  If this wall is considered a work of art, then anyone can just make a mess, call it art and I’m sure if they have a way with words and they wouldn’t even need to be that good with words, they’d manage to convince the world that it’s a brilliant work of art created by a genius.  I mean come on!  A work of art has to be created intentionally, some thought has to be given to colors, composition, light, shadows, shapes, atmosphere, it has to be done with the intention of provoking an emotion, a reaction etc…  Ok, granted, this wall provokes reactions and emotions, it’s pretty disgusting when you think about it…  A squished bug on the windshield of a car is kinda disgusting too…

    Please, if you believe this wall is a work of art, don’t consider me an artist…  😉

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